Nuve is not just another thermostat with a logo.

Introducing Nuve, your number-one marketing and customer retention tool.

Stronger than a wrench and more powerful than Facebook, NuveHome is a revolutionary update to the modern thermostat solution.  Nuve is your brand in their home. Nuve is a direct line to your business. Nuve is a completely new way to interact with customers.  

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Amplify Brand Recognition

Forget stickers - with Nuve, turn fleeting customer interactions into lasting relationships. Envision a future where your customers never need to search for old receipts.

With Nuve, your logo is a symbol of trust on their LCD screen. Just a touch books appointments, reinforcing your brand.

Unlock Revenue Streams 

Nuve lets you send custom messages directly to your clients, including service reminders, membership renewal notifications, and even messages like happy holidays. 

Stay Synced With Your Systems 

The future of home comfort is here. Peace of mind, on-demand service, and unmatched style; make your customer's home smarter, safer, and more comfortable with Nuve.

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Each Nuve installation pairs with a mobile app. 

Smart Notifications  

Remote Control  

Real-Time Monitoring 

Service Alerts   

Diagnostic Tools 

CRM Integration

Stay Synced With Your Systems

It’s Home Comfort With a Direct Line to Growth.

NuveHome connects HVAC businesses to their clients in a way like never before. Become a touchpoint in your customer’s home by providing them a smart thermostat that prioritizes your services when they’re needed most. 

Eliminate Your Shoulder Season  

NuveHome optimizes energy efficiency, reducing your client’s costs. Predictive maintenance alerts prevent downtime and extend equipment lifespan. This improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, ensuring steady business throughout the year. 

Seamless CRM Integration 

Nuve seamlessly integrates with Service Titan allowing you to connect customer information to product-to-service alerts and push alerts directly to your booking screen.  

Full Coverage At Your Fingertips 

Your customers get energy efficiency, smart climate control scheduling, plus system health and air quality alerts to keep your home at its safest and most comfortable. All for no extra effort or cost. 

Nuve is the most efficient and economical way to retain and capitalize on your clients.  Your logo in their home, your service at their fingertips.

Efficient and Economical

Nuve is the most efficient and economical way to retain and capitalize on your clients.  Your logo in their home, your service at their fingertips.  

Nuve is priced at $395 per unit (bulk pricing available) and the monthly cost to maintain all of your thermostats is based on average revenue.  

Monthly Maintenance Plans

Basic Support 


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Premium Support 


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Enterprise Support 


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Simple & Transparent Pricing 


Unit price

Frequently Asked Questions

Streamline your operations, reduce your costs, and provide a better customer experience, all while tapping into new revenue streams. 

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What is the Nuve Network? 

The Nuve Network is the group of local HVAC companies that partner with Nuve to offer smart technology and new services to their customers.

How can the Nuve Network help my HVAC business? 

By joining the Nuve Network, you’ll have access to cutting-edge technology and new revenue streams that can help increase profits, improve your customer loyalty as well as improve your operations. 

How does Nuve help me streamline? 

Nuve helps you streamline your operations by reducing the need for in-home labor, paperwork and sales calls. With the app’s real-time updates and remote access to customer systems, you can provide faster and more efficient diagnostic services to your customers and tap into a new revenue stream by creating a monthly subscription option. 

Is it easy to become a Nuve partner? 

Yes, it’s easy to become a Nuve partner. Simply sign up for the Nuve Network Private Beta and a Nuve representative will be in touch with you shortly. 

Will joining the Nuve Network require a lot of extra work? 

No, joining the Nuve Network is designed to be easy and seamless. Once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to all of the benefits of the Nuve Network without any extra work on your end. 

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Submit your application and a Nuve representative will contact you shortly.  

The NuveHome system has opened up new revenue streams for our business. It’s not just a product; it’s a partnership that grows with our business, adding substantial value to our brand right in our customer’s homes.

Travis Ringe

Co-Founder, ProSkill Plumbing, Heating & Air 

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Unlock new revenue streams.  

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Introducing Nuve, your number-one marketing and customer retention tool. 

Frequently Asked Questions







It’s Home Comfort With a Direct Line to Growth.

Watch a Nuve Install in Action!

Watch a Nuve Install in Action!